We are a group of people who have experienced and continue to enjoy God’s grace, mercy and peace through the person and work of Jesus Christ. In Christ, God has granted us forgiveness of our sins not because we deserved it but because He loved us. 
As a result we are God’s people who exist to tell others of the excellencies of our great God, who called us out of darkness into fellowship with himself, growing to know, love and glorify Him in all that we do, irrespective of our diversities or backgrounds. We are one big family because we are God’s own possession through the perfect work of Christ.

We are a passionate people who understand that our fulfilment in this life comes through our relationship with our Creator, God the Father. His love for us in Christ Jesus empowers us to have and experience eternal life through the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Therefore, our purpose in this world is primarily not about accumulating material wealth, rather, it is to live for God’s glory by enjoying Him and telling others about His goodness towards undeserving sinners. Life has no ultimate meaning without God and a commitment to live for his glory. 

We are a community of believers through the Holy Spirit committed to caring for one another as we seek to be more like Christ in all we do
Our goal is to be instruments through which God can transform the lives of those He brings into his church. We desire to be a safe space for people to share their struggles, disappointments and hurts without fear of being judged in the hope of experiencing the grace, love, and peace available to all who believe in the person and work of Christ. We
passionately desire for people in our local community to experience the forgiveness, love, reconciliation and the promised hope in the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


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